Registration for Children's Ministry

If your child will attend Ann St Children's Ministry programs throughout the year, please complete the form for each of your children.

  • There are currently no events available for registration.

Tip: This should be the primary contact for the child.

Please keep your phone on vibrate throughout the ministry program in case we need to contact you.

Emergency Information

Who can we contact in the event of an emergency if you are not available. Include name and phone number.

Are there any medical or psychological conditions which require special attention that we should know about e.g. diabetes, asthma, allergy to bee-sting, other allergies including food, hearing or sight impairment, ADHD, behaviour issues, formal counselling situations, or any other? Please list below:

Approvals and Consents

Please list all persons who are approved to pick up your child after the event. If they are not on the list, we will not release your child to them.